As your home ages, it is a good idea to have your circuits checked on a yearly basis. Issues going on inside of your walls could be occurring that you are not even aware of. The older your home is, the higher the chance that your electrical system needs maintenance. Below are four ways to tell if your home needs electrical rewiring.

1. Fuses and Breakers are Malfunctioning

If you notice that your breakers and fuses go out regularly, it is time to replace them. However, this is not something you will want to do on your own. It is dangerous and could cause a fire if done improperly.

2. Your Lights are Flickering

Have your lights been flickering or dimming? This is a sign of circuit overload. Faulty wiring or a malfunctioning circuit breaker is usually the cause of flickering lights.

3. Outlets are Burned or Discoloured

If your outlets appear burned or discoloured this is a dangerous warning sign. You will want to contact an emergency electrician right away to assess the situation.

4. You Notice a Burning Smell

Again, this is a dangerous sign. Contact an electrician immediately. A fire could occur at any time and it is important to keep a fire extinguisher close at hand for safety purposes.

If your home is more than 30 years old, consider having your circuits checked right away. Waiting too long could cause serious damage to your home.

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