The future is now. If you haven't already, now's the time to ditch those old, outdated incandescent and fluorescent lights in favour of some energy-efficient LED lights and downlights .

Because, in all actuality, when you compare the operation costs and longevity versus regular bulb lights, the savings turnaround is much quicker than you can imagine.

Ready to make the switch? Let us illuminate you with the brilliance of why LED lighting beats out regular bulb lights any day of the week.

1. Extended life. By using LED lights, you are extending the life of the bulb, which brings with it a few benefits in itself. 1. Less stress for the environment. 2. Less worry about changing bulbs. It's a win-win.

2. Energy-efficiency. What should have perhaps been number 1, given its importance to the discussion, LED lights are incredibly energy-efficient. How much? 80-90% more. Meaning that, 80-90% of the energy used is then converted to light. While only 20% is lost to heat and so on. How about that?

3. Eco-friendly. If you are interested in being more eco-friendly, LED lights are your friends in savings. LED lights have zero toxic chemicals (unlike fluorescent), and are 100% recyclable. If they were any more green, you wouldn't be able to see!

4. Strong and long-lasting. LED lights are designed to withstand some excessive force. They are resistant to shock (no pun intended), vibrations, and impacts. We're not saying you should try this out with a drop test, but compared to other types of bulbs, LEDs are strong and fight to last.

5. Low-Voltage. Talk about real diversity! LED lights are low-voltage. Meaning that you can use LED lights anywhere, including outside by the pool or in patio lights. Plus, they can be connected to external solar sources. It doesn't get any greener than that.

Interested in learning more about swapping out your old lights for new, modern LED lights and downlights? Please don't hesitate to contact us any time.