When evaluating new homes in today's America, an outdoor living space is desirable.  You are no longer confined to living among the walls of your home, but can now extend the atmosphere far into the backyard.  Top trends for an outdoor space include fireplaces, gazebos, and swinging day beds.  Outdoor rooms are perfect for entertaining in the long summer hours, but nothing halts the party atmosphere more than poor lighting. This is why we compiled a list of 6 lights that'll look great in your outdoor room, so you won't have to come inside just because the sun called it quits. 

  1. Stainless Pendant.  No need to fret over the color or design of this light.  This simple, stainless steel pendant will coordinate with any outdoor furniture you choose.  
  2. Chandelier.  Always a conversation starter; a chandelier provides ample light well into the night hours while providing a striking focal point.  Not only functional, but highlights the daytime decor as well.
  3. Moroccan Lantern.  If you are going for a Bohemian vibe, a Moroccan lantern will be a fitting accent piece.  These are also perfect for the budget-conscious room since they come in a vast price range.  
  4. Glowing Globe Lights.  Have some fun with your outdoor lights with glowing orbs.  These create a party atmosphere by casting a warm glow over your guests.
  5. Carriage Lamps.  This classic outdoor lamp is highly functional while still being aesthetically pleasing.  Place them on top of stone pillars for a walking path, or attach to the house for spot lighting.
  6. Table lamps.  Although untraditional in nature, all-weather table lamps can be extremely useful.  Just as with indoor lamps, the exterior version can be moved to any desired location within reach of an outlet.  Just look for a weighted, weatherproof base, along with a shade made from fade-resistant acrylic.

Whichever direction style you choose, the lighting should, ultimately, be functional, but there is no reason you can't have a little fun with it! For more bright ideas for your outdoor lighting, contact us