A lot of times, people think of flowers, shrubs and edible goodies in the garden, but they forget about the wonderful lighting options that can illuminate and accent that beautiful, natural scenery. Battery and solar lights have become great assets to the functionality of your garden. So what are you waiting for? Lighten the mood with an exquisitely lit garden! Here are 7 garden lights your home simply can't live without

Solar Mosaic Hanging Globes

These are beautiful editions to any garden. The colored tile backed by a solar glow creates a captivating effect upon onlookers. These globes come in many different designs from plain blues or greens, to moons, to rainbows. You can string these up above your flowers or hang them low to light up the ground with dazzling color.

Stargazer Garden Trellis String Lights

These lights hold up to their names. Viewing them is like gazing at the night's constellations. These could be elegantly strung up over you garden/ patio area to create a classy, well-lit look. The dazzling white lights will greatly compliment brightly colored flowers in your garden.

String Lantern Lights

There are so many variances with these ever-popular, Chinese-inspired, lanterns. You can buy them in dainty pastels, in off-whites or in assorted patterns. These lights wonderfully compliment any outdoor decor and make for great statement in the garden.

The Classic Garden Lanterns

These can be kept low to the ground to illuminate your beautiful landscape at night, or they can be raised to light a path around your garden. These lights are classic and timeless, producing a great amount of light.

Solar Power Plant Pot

This new trend is on the rise. The pot uses solar power to charge several LED lights and illuminate your potted plants. These planters will add color to potted plants lacking flowers, like hostas or various grasses and make great conversational pieces. These pots can be bought in many colors and can turn your garden into a colorful feast for the eyes!

Moroccan Fairy Lights

These lights are partially encased by beautiful Moroccan designs. They create a sophisticated and almost sensuous feel. You can string them up or wrap them directly around leafy plants for maximum elegance.

Solar Statuettes

Almost everyone has garden statuettes in various animal, gnome or fairy forms. They are cute and playful and compliment the nature of gardens. Why not invest in a couple that also double as solar lights? The light will make the statuettes appear to come to life. Your garden will be alive with fun and fantasy.

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