Installing security lights on your property can deter night time burglars from entering your home or tampering with your vehicles. There are several types of security lighting available, each with pros and cons.

Solar security lights don't need electricity to operate. This type of security light is limited in its placement because it needs at least 8 hours a day of direct sunlight for it to illuminate all night. Solar security lights may be roof or wall mounted to protect your valuables such as lawn mowers or boats on your property.

Dusk to dawn security lights turn on when the electronic eye detects the absence of light at dusk and turns off when it detects sunlight at dawn. These security lights can be decorative to match your home and placed at doorways. If you are away on vacation, the lights will come on automatically so it appears someone is home.

Motion detector security lights illuminated when motion is detected in the zone for that particular light. Zones vary from 110 to 240 degrees. Each area of your home should be lit up for maximum security, especially the doors and windows where someone could enter your home. An  Electrician in Sydney can access your property including garages, storage shed and other buildings and suggest the correct lighting for your property. Motion detector security lights also help you find your way around your property at night. When one light comes on and you keep walking in a direction the next light comes on so you are never in the dark. Each light stays on a few minutes after it illuminates and turns off when no motion is detected.

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