In order to prevent an electrical breakdown in your home you may want to consider having an electrician perform a complete rewire. Older homes are not often updated to accommodate modern appliances such as air conditioners and microwaves. Without an increase in your home's electrical capacity, as well as the necessary upgrades, your home is prone to many electrical hazards.

Before performing a rewire, an electrician will conduct a safety check of your entire house. He or she will check the condition and age of the wiring. Many older homes that have cloth insulated wiring or no grounding system are prime candidates for a complete rewire. Some of the updates can include:

  • Upgrading the main service panel
  • Installing dedicated circuits for major appliances
  • Upgrading electrical outlets
  • Spacing outlets six to eight feet apart to avoid fire hazards
  • Installing ground-fault circuit interpreters in areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoors

Rewiring an old home also holds other benefits. For example, insurance companies tend to offer better rates for homes with new wiring. They are well aware of the electrical hazards that come with owning an older home. You will also increase the resell value of your home. Many home buyers are hesitant to buy an old home due to an outdated electrical system. After your home has a rewire performed, you can have it inspected. This could potentially add a significant amount of value to your home.

Having your electrical system rewired not only increases your home's safety but also its comfortability as well. You are able to run major appliances without the worry of a power shortage, outage, or other risk factors.

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