Is it time to considering doing away with the conventional power cord in favor of USB-equipped cords? For some, the idea of doing away with fumbling around in a darkened room to plug in the two-prong beast, it could be a welcomed conversion.

Really, though, USB power outlets are not going to replace AC entirely...but only in certain situations

What would Edison say?

It may seem entirely far-fetched, but this is not just trendy talk. Even the publication, The Economist , chimed in on the “electrical revolution,” noting that it is more than just powering heaters and blenders. Indeed, it’s viable method of embracing a greener and cheaper way of delivering power.


Don’t worry, you won’t be grabbing hold of AC power with that USB power cord to plug in the TV , although the latter may become a reality sooner than you can say “ouch.”

“... USB will be able to power much bigger devices starting next year when a new standard is introduced. Imagine the convenience of a USB-powered TV that uses the same plug for power as it does for data.”

In short, the future lies with low-voltage (DC) networks, the kind that operate solar panels, for example, or with apparatus that stores electricity. The big advance will come when buildings start to “pool supply, demand and storage” to produce their own “smart grid.”

For home and business, USB are destined to replace AC outlets in time as we seek to move more to DC in certain environment---data centers are an example of using DC power!

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