Pendant lights come in various shapes, sizes and styles and they look beautiful in any room in the home. Before you call for professional installation, it's important to know just where you should hang them. Your guide to hanging pendant lights will inform you about the proper height for hanging pendant lights for attractiveness and functionality.


  • If you're hanging a pendant light over the kitchen table, the bottom of the light should hang 28 to 32 inches from the top of the surface. If you have high ceilings or a very large light, adjust the height of the pendant light so that the light and your table appears balanced.
  • A pendant light over your kitchen island or your counter will assist you with meal preparation, but if it's at the wrong height, it will blind you. A good height for a pendant light is 28 to 34 inches from the surface of the island or countertop.


  • A bathroom pendant light is hung above the sink at eye level or at about 18 inches from the bottom of the sink bowl. At this height, you won't have shadows on your face when you look into the mirror.
  • Another option is to buy two lights and place one on each side of your bathroom mirror.

Entryway and Stairwell

  • When hanging a pendant light in your entryway, hang the fixture at least 84 to 96 inches up from the floor, so that your guests won't have to duck when they walk into your home.
  • A pendant light above the landing of a staircase will brighten up the stairwell and when you hang it seven to eight feet above the landing, you'll have plenty of clearance when walking up the steps.

Living Room

  • If you have an eight foot ceiling, hang your light figure in the center of the room 12 to 20 inches below the ceiling.
  • When placing the light over a coffee table or end table, you can hang the light lower, if you don't move the furniture.

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